Miss Lucille is a beautifully converted cargo trailer that houses Collins Davis Textile Craft mobile workshop.

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Perfect for Classes

Inside is a space large enough for 4 workstations with good lighting, many electrical outlets and USB charging ports.   Larger groups are accommodated outside under awnings. Miss Lucille is available for craft fairs, parties, maker events, demonstrations and classes.

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Named in honor of Miss Lucille Putnam, my second grade teacher and all around amazing person you have never heard of.


Baby Lucille circa 1908


Born in 1896 Lucille was a cousin and best friend to my paternal grandmother. When a child she performed as Baby Lucille on the Vaudeville stage in Atlanta, Georgia. As a young woman she was an early adopter of Maria Montessori’s new education ideas and was later one of the first special education teachers in Dallas, Texas public schools. She never married, had many dogs and cats, and hosted unforgettable summertime croquet matches in her front yard. She loved, encouraged and believed in all her students. I adored her unreservedly and miss her frequently.

Miss Lucille Putnam with Ellen Collins Davis at her First Holy Communion